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Handmade Jewelry

A piece of Louise Kragh jewelry has its very own glow which is being enhanced when placed on your nger, around your wrist or neck, or as an elegant greeting on your ear. A piece of Louise Kragh jewelry has a simplicity and honesty that embrace both the natural and colorful as well as the more graphic and simple look.

Louise Kragh releases 4 annual collections, all designed and produced by hand at our Headquarters in the picturesque city Aarhus in Denmark. The collections are sold in more than 500 selected fashion-, jewelry-, and interior shops worldwide in across more than 50 countries.

The materials of the jewelry are chosen with the greatest expertise. Louise Kragh only use Sterling Silver 925, 24 Carat Gold, Diamonds, Freshwater Pearls and handrolled Porcelain. The materials are continuously tested and of the absolute highest possible quality.

The finest materials, expert craftsmanship and beautiful designs have all been the essence of Louise Kragh since the birth of the brand in 2004

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